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Congregation Ministries


Worship &  Music Committee - The Worship Committee serves jointly with the Pastor and the Session in supervising all worship services that are held in the name of Woodlawn Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The committee, with the Pastor has oversight of the music, acolytes, baptisms, usher boards, beautification of the sanctuary, operation of the nursery, children's church, weddings, funerals and our dance troupe.

The Christian Education Committee - The purpose of the Christian Education Committee is to provide spiritual training and development

through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and various programs for adults, youth and children.

Evangelism & Church Growth - The purpose of this committee is to provide effective programs to meet the needs of the congregation, both spiritually as well as physically. This committed is responsible for providing the means for carrying the Church ministry to church members where they might be. This committee is responsible for responding to health needs, which includes providing appropriate information for the prevention and care of medical conditions as well as providing an effective witness to all people through a strong program of evangelism.

Mission & Outreach Committee - The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to seek ways by which the church may serve the community and the world both financially, personally, as well as spiritually. The committee achieves this service by maintaining a strong program of support for mission programs and outreach activities.

Personnel Committee - The Personnel Committee is responsible for providing administrative services for the employees of the church. These services include recruitment, employment, employee relations, employee benefits, grievances, position classification, salary increases, evaluations and other duties as assigned by Session.

Finance and Administration Committee - The Finance and Administration Committee provides a program of Stewardship interpretation. The committee conducts the Annual Fall Stewardship Campaign, oversees the use of all funds collected, prepares the annual budget for Session's approval, provides contribution envelops for the congregation, keeps the congregation abreast of the church's financial status, and provides annual audit of the church's finances.

Presbyterian Men - The purpose of the Presbyterian Men's Organization is to lead men into a vital relationship to Jesus Christ. The Presbyterian Men's Organization strives to develop its members understanding of the mission of the Church and to assist the congregation in nurturing the men of the church to a deeper level of mature discipleship. The men are encouraged through their commitment to Christ, to fulfill the ministry to which men are called in their families, their daily work, and their ministry to others within the community.

Presbyterian Women - The purpose of the Presbyterian Women is to nurture our faith through prayer and bible study. Additionally, the organization is committed to support the mission of the Church worldwide and to work for justice, and peace, as well as building an inclusive community of caring women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church U.S.A, through witnessing the promise of God's kingdom.

Senior and Retirees Organization - The aim and mission of the Seniors and Retirees Organization is to help each participant experience a greater fullness of God's love through worship, Bible study, fellowship and service. To assist each participant where there are spiritual, physical, and social needs. To promote greater involvement in all programs and activities of Woodlawn Church.

Fellowship and Coordination Committee- The mission of this committee is to coordinate the work of various ministries, provide for fellowship opportunities throughout the entire church, and develop ways for communicating the ministry to everyone. Maintain oversight (liaison) of the organizations and ministry groups within the church such as Presbyterian Women, Presbyterian Men, Youth Booster Group, Seniors and Retirees, Alzheimer's Support Group and other such fellowship or ministry units in the congregation.

The Young Adult Organization - The purpose of the Young Adult Organization is to come together as young Christian adults for spiritual enrichment, outreach in our communities, fun and fellowship. The organization strives to increase its young adult membership and participate in Church activities as it serves as a group of mentors for the Church's youth.

Sunday School - The purpose of the Sunday School departments is to get people engaged in a comprehensive and systematic Bible Study. Teaching the Bible to deepen the believer's relationship with Jesus Christ. Those who are already Christians will respond to God with maturing faith, love and obedience. Members of Sunday School share their faith with those who attend. Sunday School provides an interpretation of biblical teaching and provide materials for use in personal worship

Bible Study Classes - Woodlawn offers a variety of Bible Study Classes: Wednesday at 11:00 am, Wednesday at 5:30 pm, Wednesday at 7:00 pm, Men's 3rd Monday at 6:00 pm, Women's 3rd Saturday at 10:00 am

Vacation Bible School - Summer Bible Study and activities for all ages

Summer Outreach - Summer Bible Study and activities for at risk children

Prison Ministry - Church members go into the local prison and conduct Bible Study for the inmates.

Music Ministry - The Music Department provides vocal and instrumental music for all Sunday services as well as on other special occasions.

The Mass Choir - The Chancel Choir sings on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. The Chancel Choir sings the traditional Presbyterian Hymns, gospel and contemporary songs.

Praise Team - Sings on the 4th Sunday prior to the 11:00 a.m. services. The Praise Team sings more contemporary songs.

Men's Choir - The Men's Choir sings on every 5th Sunday. The Men's Choir sings a variety of songs and styles.

Women's Choir - Sings on special occasions such as Women's Day

The Chancel Bell Choir

The Carillon Bell Ensemble

The Youth Choir - Sings on the 3rd Sunday for the 11:00 am service

The Ellison Memorial Bell Choir

Shaping Christian Leaders for Tomorrow - SCLT Middle and High School Students

Children's Choir - Sings with the Youth Choir on the 3rd Sunday during the 11:00 am service

Ushers - One Group for each Sunday of the month; Includes; Men, Women, and Youth.

Acolytes - Assist the Pastor during each Sunday worship service. Youth are between the ages of 7 - 12 year old. Acolyte training is required to participate.

Children and Youth Ministries - A volunteer group of adults that ministries to children and the youth of the Church.

Dance Troupe - A Christian dance troupe expressing a Christian message through dance.


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